Estes Black Brant II (#7423)

This build log will be for the re-released Estes Black Brant II (#7423). I’ve seen some very nice-looking scale builds of this model of the Canadian built sounding rocket. I won’t be going for a scale build, my focus will be more on making this a durable sport flyer. The goal will be to haveContinue reading “Estes Black Brant II (#7423)”

Who Am I? How’d I Get Here?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong interest in science, aviation, rockets, all things “techy”, and anything mechanical. Right brained? That’s me in so many ways. Years ago I was heavily involved in model aviation. I built and flew mostly e-powered planes – everything from mostly pre-built kits all the wayContinue reading “Who Am I? How’d I Get Here?”