Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 4

Build Complete I completed the Breech Baby build late last week and got it filled, primed and painted over Friday and Saturday. I’m very satisfied with the final outcome of this build. The lack of a nose cone seam is a nice look. The only disappointment I had in the finish is that I hadContinue reading “Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 4”

Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 3

Rough sanding and first coat of prime I’ve completed assembly of the airframe. It just took a bit of CWP to fill the nose cone to body tube joint. A coat of sanding primer and some sanding with 220 grit paper, and not a spiral or groove to be seen. I also experimented with usingContinue reading “Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 3”

Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 2

See here for Part 1 of this build Static Test #1. This static fire with an A8-3 validates the proof of concept. I’ve attached the parachute directly to the kevlar loop for the purposes of this test so that we’re testing the system with all the important pieces in place. As you can see, theContinue reading “Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 2”

Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 1

The Estes “Bertha Family” is a very popular model for flying in smaller fields. Their fin design has a very retro sci-fi look, and they tend to have nice slow liftoffs with lower apogees, giving you your best chance for an in-field landing when those hungry trees are around.

I typically have at least one of these great rockets in my fleet … and sometimes both. My last Baby Bertha ended up on the roof of a local school. I recently picked up a new kit at The Spare Time Shop in Marlboro, MA. I typically like to put a personal touch on my kit builds; this time I’m going to try something a little different.
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