Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 2

See here for Part 1 of this build

Static Test #1.

This static fire with an A8-3 validates the proof of concept. I’ve attached the parachute directly to the kevlar loop for the purposes of this test so that we’re testing the system with all the important pieces in place.

As you can see, the motor pod ejected quite easily and the parachute unraveled from the motor pod. However, my shock cord is clearly too short as it pretty violently flings around with the force of ejection.

This actually cause some minor damage to the aft end of the body tube. Easily fixed by working it down with my fingernail – I’ll soak some thin CA into the tube to toughen it up.

Before actually flying this ship, I’ll be adding a swivel, maybe another 12″ of Kevlar, and some elastic shock cord between the Kevlar shock cord and the parachute shroud lines. With the parachute provided in the kit, there’s more than enough room to accommodate the elastic shock cord along with the ‘chute without risking making it all to tight and preventing a clean eject.

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