Bertha’s Breech Baby – Part 3

Rough sanding and first coat of prime

I’ve completed assembly of the airframe. It just took a bit of CWP to fill the nose cone to body tube joint. A coat of sanding primer and some sanding with 220 grit paper, and not a spiral or groove to be seen.

I also experimented with using epoxy fillets, both to build up the fillets a bit for appearance/aerodynamics as well as to provide some added strength. I’d hate for the shock cord to interfere with the fins and tear one off during recovery.

It took a little bit of practice to pull them nice and smooth, by the fourth fin I pretty much had it down. It definitely helps to mask off the fillet area with some tape. As you can see in the images, they didn’t come out too bad. A little bit of sanding and CWP will clean them up nicely.

I’ll detail epoxy fillets in detail with my next build; the new version of the Estes Black Brant II (#007243), which you can see getting started in the background in the above photos.

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